Sunday, August 3, 2008

You asked for it

And here she is!
She has to be so mysterious! What a drama queen. Alright, take off your cloak.
That's more like it! Here is Zelda. She had a lot of little sculpey details, as you can see her shoulder armor, front piece, belt piece and crown are all made out of sculpey, with little colored beads stuck in them. Her dress is painted at the bottom. My sculpey maker says that all of her accessories are probably the most complicated thing he's ever done. They look great in person, though. They are all really tiny and detailed, though, I can't envy him ever having to make more.
She's ready to kick some ass, too. She doesn't need a boy to come save her! She has her own slender but very menacing sword.

I'd like to eventually make Midna as the Twilight Princess, and we've already had some family members asking for Ganondorf, (I always type his name Ganondork, it's my inner dork coming out) but who knows when we will even/ever get a chance to start on them. It would be cool to have the whole gang, though, and the Twilight Princess is pretty neat looking.

Anyway, sorry things have been so quiet around here lately. I'll try to update more, but we've just been knocked on our buts lately with custom orders. Hopefully things will be quieting down soon, and we'll be able to get back to making new characters. I know we have some super cool new Star Wars ones coming soon, so be on the look out for that within the week. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Your work is so amazing. I can't believe how much detail there are on each of your pieces. I look forward to Gandalf 2.0 coming home (and away from my puppy).

Great work as always.

Sherezada said...

This is amazing! So detailed. I love the way the sculpey accessories look...and the designs on the cloak! This is probably one of my favorite creations of yours so far, and that's saying a lot.

Arodlim said...

Wow. Just wow.
I love the amount of detail put into her. It's insanely cool. A+
Also, yes, you totally have to do one of Ganondork, and Midna.

Unknown said...

So beautiful. My hubby wants a Midna so I was really looking forward to what your creation of Midna looks like- but you haven't updated in a while :( I hope everything's ok!