Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is too cool for it to be so hot outside

Hey everyone, I know it's probably hotter than Hades for everyone, especially here in stupid Texas, but I just wanted to share with you this scarf I found via Craft, from flickr user genegrl1.

I am just totally in awe of this scarf. Not only is it the coolest Lost scarf I've ever seen (okay, it's also the only one) but the girl has some seriously amazing knitting powers. My colorowork never turns out looking that clean, even after blocking, and I am totally jealous. But wait, there's more! Was the scarf not awesome enough?
It's freaking reversible! Ahh! It's too cool. The girl had a lot of patience, I can tell you that. This must have taken forever.

Anyway, just a quick little project to share! Trying to spread the geeky love. Stay tuned everybody!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Uh oh, I'd better not say stuff is "-licious" or I'll sound like that annoying guy on Project Runway. Anyway! I was browsing Ravelry today and I came across a Dr. Horrible from user voxmortuum. For those of you not on Ravelry, here's some pics!

And with goggles:

I like him. Anyway, for those of you not familiar with Dr. Horrible (a.k.a. me, like two days ago) here's the website . It has Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris in it, and it's produced by Joss Whedon--how can it not be the most awesome thing ever created? Well, aside from someone finding lost Firefly episodes, because that would probably be the most awesome things ever. Anyway, check it out!

Also, if you have your own Joss Whedon crochet/knitting/whatever projects, Crochet Me is trying to get an interview with Joss Whedon after his (admittedly sarcastic) comment to Wired about creating buzz with the Crocheting Monthly crowd. So go and post any crafts there! My little dudes are already known over there, so if you have ever made your own Jayne hat, or maybe your own Buffy spike, then go contribute! Stay tuned guys, new stuff coming soon.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The best (and only) kind of doubles: evil doubles!

Okay everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but I hope once I show you what we've been working on, you'll forgive me! I present to you: the Star Trek crew! But not just any crew--the evil Star Trek crew!
Aren't they cute? They are from the "Mirror, mirror" episode of the original Star Trek series. We made (from left to right) Uhura, Marlena, Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Scotty. Aren't they so evil, with their little gold sashes? They have lots of little evil badges on, too. I love Kirk's little sparkly vest. Here's a closeup of Kirk and Spock, best (evil) buds:
I think the most challenging thing on this set of dudes was their hair (on my end, at least, I think those incredibly tiny sculpey badges were probably hard on the boyfriend), but I think in the end it turned out so well. Spock's little bowl cut totally makes him, and Kirk's combover/widow's peak hair looks awesome. Uhura's hair was the most difficult, but it definitely turned out super cute.
Okay, well, you can't really see it that well here, but I fixed it all up really nice in a little up-do. I think it totally looks like her, though. I like how the women get all sexified--maybe it's a subliminal message showing that scantily clad women equal evil women? Who knows.

Oh yeah, and here are all of their little extras:
See the two phasers? Well, they have a little black part that comes off, and it's held on by magnets. The left one shows the black part that is separated, and the right one has everything all together. And the little communicator flips open, too. I think the communicator is really cute.

Okay, anyway, that's it! I hope you guys like it. This was a really big custom order, so now that it's done we'll have some more time to finish Zelda and do more projects. Or I can just play Mass Effect some more. How come no one told me that game was so awesome?

I am planning on putting up some free patterns this week, to try and atone for my laziness in blogging this week. Also, if you have time, check out the etsy article about quitting your day job that I did! It was super fun to be interviewed, and I think the article turned out really well. Many thanks to marymary for setting everything up. Anyway, stay tuned! Many more great things coming up soon.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's time to save the world

What do you say to that, Link? Nothing! Get it? Because Link doesn't talk! Okay, whatever. Anyway, here is Link! I was going to wait to post him until we had Zelda done, but I'm impatient and I want to show him off now, so here he is!
I think he's so adorable! I hardly did any work on him either, the boyfriend did most of the work this time. He did all of the decorative stitching and everything, which goes all around his hat and his tunic. He has little gauntlets too, which I think look a little cumbersome, but the boyfriend likes them. Anyway, that is just a picture of plain Link, here's a picture of his accessories.
He has a Master Sword, a shield, an ocarina, and a lonlon milk bottle. It's really very cute, it has a little label with a little cow on it and everything. We just found these little empty bottle charm thingies at Hobby Lobby, and he painted the inside white with a little paint and then taped the little label on. And Link can carry everything on him, too, except the ocarina. Like Boromir, his shield attaches to his back, and his sword fits in behind the shield. The milk can be attached on the belt too, it has a little loop on the top. Here's a better view of how it attaches:
Anyway, I hope you guys like him! More pics on the flickr, as always. Zelda will be following soon (I hope...) but we're still working on the Star Trek people, so who knows when we'll get a chance to finish her. Hopefully we're going to have the Star Trek crew finished by next week--they are going to be SO cool, by the way--so that will free up some time to work on our little side projects. Of course, with Mass Effect taking up a lot of my free time, who knows. I'll try to stay on task though! Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Behind the Music: The Max Rebo Band

Today, on Behind the Music: the Max Rebo band. The Max Rebo Band was an underground success in the crime-lord industry, but their climb to the top was not an easy one. Today we look at the rough and tumble childhood of Max Rebo.
Raised at home alone by his mom, Max was always plagued with the fact that his father, Rusty Rebo, had left the family when Max was just a child in order to follow his dreams as an actor. Rusty landed a couple of repeated stints on the semi-popular daytime drama "Dantooine Days" and was in a couple of small playhouse shows called "The Sun Sets on Tatooine". Then Max's world was turned upside down.

Rusty was found dead in his studio apartment from an apparent spice overdose. Max did not take the news well, and in his innocence he turned to the comforts of nature that his home provided him, in order to avoid dealing with his true feelings of abandonment and sadness over his father's death.
In an effort to coax Max out of the garden, Max's mother, Luna Rebo used a month's worth of food stamps to buy Max a jizzwailer, in hopes that the young boy would take to the instrument and be able to express himself by song. Unfortunately, Max's large nose hindered his ability to play the instrument very well, and in an act of defiance, mixed with his guilt towards failing to please his mother or being able to keep his father at home, Max left his grief stricken mother and decided to run away from home. He took his jizzwailer and stowed away on a ship, not knowing where it was going, and left his old life behind.

At the young age of 15, Max was now living on the streets of Tatooine, the planet where the nameless ship had eventually dropped him. Max only had the jizzwailer that had cost his family so dearly, and in spite of not being able to play very well he managed to eke out a living among the less reputable taverns and cantinas of the desert planet. Max soon fell in with a bad crowd, and took to drinking heavily. Often he would barter his musical services in order for a drink, in lieu of money.
But a storm was lingering over the horizon of Max's career. He started to hang around with members of Jabba's palace, bounty hunters and mercenaries and the like. Max was almost at the end of his rope.

Next week on Behind the Music: Max's life turns around when he meets a kind stranger named Droopy McCool.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Hey there everyone! We just finished a custom order last night, and I wanted to share--I know a couple of people have asked if I would make these, so I thought you guys might be interested.
He he! They are little Chii and Freya from the Chobits anime! I'm always kind of wary of making anime people, because my human Futurama people didn't turn out so well (I know, I know, they're not anime, but they are animated, so they translate the same) but I think these guys actually turned out really well. The boyfriend actually did most of the work on these, I pretty much just did the hand-sewing.
Their dresses were actually pretty complicated, compared to some of the people we have done in the past. And they were both different, too, even though they look similar. I think my favorite part of them is the back:
With the little lace up! And the ribbons. The black one has a lace up too, but no ribbons. Her dress is more complicated looking in the back, though. And they both have lace around the bottom of their dresses, which we have never used before, but which was pretty easy to work with and turned out looking really cute.

Anyway, that's it! I just wanted to let you guys know that we've been working over here, contrary to what it might seem like at times. We actually have another dude finished, but he's part of a pair, and I'm wondering if I should wait to post him until the other one is done.

Have a great fourth of July, Americans! And it's the boyfriend's birthday today, so there's going to be cake and festivities tonight, but hopefully we might still get some work done. Stay tuned!