Monday, July 27, 2009

Our new dude is Mad

Check out our newest creation! He was made as a custom order from one of my co-workers. Oh yeah, it's Mad Max. I don't know if we captured the scruffiness and dirtiness as well as Mel Gibson did, but all in all I think he turned out rather well. He's probably more reminiscent of the first movie rather than the subsequent ones. Having not personally seen any of the Mad Max movies except for the third (yikes! a mullet! also, the Mouth of Sauron and his creepy child!) I think he looks rather dashing.

Here's a closeup of his various gadgets--he has some binoculars, a wrench, and underneath that is his leg brace. The other side of him has his shotgun...
...with a pretty cool looking holster.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy! It's been a while since we have made a new character, but it was fun! Stay tuned.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm back!

I'm back! I was just on vacation for a couple of days, but now I'm back and faithfully blogging again (yeah right). We do have a new amigurumi to show you guys, but the pictures aren't ready yet. Wanna see what went on while I was gone?
The Stitch Wars show! Check out all of the celebrities who were there. Honestly, how many art shows can you go to where you get to dress up?

It looks like this guy found a friend. Also, that's a pretty awesome costume.

Here's a couple more of my favorites from the show--a mounted Foul Moudama head. He does look pretty foul.

A Chewie robe! How awesome is that. For those lazy days when you want to lounge around the house looking like a giant wookie. I totally want one!

You can check out everything that was at the show on the flickr page, and I suggest that you go browse through there. It has some of the neatest Star Wars crafts I've ever seen. And if you're itching to buy something, check out the online gallery. Some of the prices are a little expensive, but it's art! Anyway, the whole show looks amazing, and I can't believe that I missed it. It looks like it would have been a blast. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Legos!

Check out some of these awesome video game lego creations! These were made by flickr user Saber-Scorpion. First off, some Assassin's Creed!

I know it's a tiny picture, but I think it's really cool. I love the bird flying around the top. Just like in the game! Altair is even sitting up at the very top.
And here is Altair fighting some Templars. I love the little horsey!
And from Mass Effect--the Mako. Oh Mako, how I hate thee. Hopefully the second game will have better Mako missions. (Also, if anyone is interested, watch this awesome Mass Effect 2 video. I'm so excited!)

And I'm not really sure about this one, but I see Master Chief in there so I'm assuming it has something to do with Halo. Since I haven't really played Halo all that much I really have no idea what is going on in this picture. It looks icky though.

Anyway, that's it for now! I'm going on vacation tomorrow, so it might be a little quiet around here for a couple of days (just like normal, am i rite?). I hope everyone has a nice weekend! I'm sure all of the nerds out there are excited about Harry Potter, so I bet everyone will be all busy with that for a while. Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Found on Ravelry

Check out some of the awesome stuff I've been finding on Ravelry lately. That place is so cool! And there are lots of nerds there, too, which makes finding really cool stuff really easy. Also, you can search projects by what kind of yarn is used--which is good for me, since most of the time I just buy really pretty yarn but have no idea what to do with it. But anyway, here are some of the more nerdy projects I've found floating around.
First off--probably the most awesome use of granny squares ever. I like that it isn't a traditional square shape, and is just the outline of Mario. Even so, this thing must be pretty huge. I think there are over 350 granny squares on this thing.
These little dragons are too adorable. They are babies! I love their little tiny wings and their little head spikeys. I think I might go buy the pattern for them--I want to make a small army of them.

I like this project because it's something I never would of thought anyone would make--a Snakes on a Plane hat. I mean, I know the movie was all posed to be something really awesome, but it kind of flopped and it was kind of a while ago--I just didn't think that anyone would go through all of this trouble. It's awesome though!

And this little cute octorok! And not just any octorok--it's a boss. I love all of the little details on the top of him. Also he looks really angry.

Hope you guys enjoy! I haven't really been crocheting much, this kind of almost makes me want to pick up my hook again. Almost. Still plugging away on the embroidery for now, though. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cute little custom monsters

I am always awed at the really cool original stuff that people come up with. I mean, it's always really cool to see another cross stitch "the cake is a lie" sampler, but sometimes the original things people come up with are the best. These little guys are a great example of that--they are totally adorable, original, and I want one so bad. This artist, LucyRavenscar, also has some geeky sensibilities--she is the one who made these little adorable Star Wars people. Anyway, check these little monsters out!

This one is a rock spirit. Rocks can be cute, too!
This one is called a Dandelion Dragon. I could totally imagine him as some wise old kung fu master in a movie!
This one--probably my favorite--is the ice troll. I love his little fangs. And I like how happy he looks.And this one is a dawn spirit. I love how the yarn colors on the tummy really look like a sunrise.

In addition to all of these being adorable, most of them are made with fuzzy yarn, which is my enemy. I have to totally respect someone who can use it so well and use it more than once because of how crappy it is to work with.

Oh, and for anyone who wanted a geeky fix even after seeing these little adorable guys, check out her free Wicket the Ewok crochet pattern! Gotta love free patterns. And check out her etsy page--she sells these little guys on there, but my favorites are all sold out! And they look like they are very reasonable prices, too. Anyway, stay tuned! I'm slowly making my way through my embroidery piece (not original, based on a video game, but what can you do) and I'm going to need some more TV shows to watch soon. Ah well.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The greatest geek church ever

Stained glass isn't just for the churchies anymore! Check out these awesome stained glass windows--well, some of them are pretty small, maybe not window sized, but still pretty cool. I wish that I could do something this awesome.

I really like this one. The lightsaber looks really cool when the light is coming through the window. I like how simple it is, and the composition.
This one isn't really a stained glass piece, but it is a fused glass frame. At $80 it's a little expensive for an everyday picture frame, but I guess if you have a picture of yourself getting the high score on a pacman arcade machine it would be the only option for you.

This one is a candle holder. I bet it looks really pretty at night all lit up. I like the windwaker designs that are used, too. Once again, though, at $100 it's a little out of my price range.

Here's one that's a little cheaper! At $25 this little sun catcher is cute, affordable and pretty. Now if only I watched Dr. Who!

Anyway, I just thought these were pretty. I wish that I knew how to do stained glass--I would probably cover my whole apartment in it. How about something like this for the living room? Totally. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The ABC's of Nerdiness

I love looking at alphabet books. They always have the neatest illustrations in them. But even the very coolest one I've ever seen (it was about kitties!) cannot compare to these awesome pictures. These are made by an awesome artist named Neil Cameron--the alphabet is an ongoing project, and he is taking suggestions for future letters! I think he is up to "R" at this point. Check out some of my favorites!

I like this one. Inebriated Iron Man is pretty hilarious, if you think about it. Though I guess Tony Stark is an alcoholic, so it's not that much of a stretch--still, I love all of the beer splashed on his armor.

Poor Pika!I wonder if people with letters as names have a support group or something? And if they did, would Q blink them into a fight with the Borg?

There's many more nerdy letters over at his website, so be sure to take a look over there. Stay tuned!