Thursday, April 30, 2009

Disney has a sense of humor!

Well, sort of. Check out these posters that were supposedly used to boost employee spirit for the Star Wars weekend (as if someone couldn't get excited about Star Wars on their own). However, these posters could be interpreted as being anti-Star Wars if you take a closer look at them. Here they are, with my take on them.

This one says, "Make fun of short people! They can't ride our rides!" I mean, is it really the Ewoks fault that they are so short? Haven't they already been persecuted enough by Stephen Colbert? On a side note, Colbert says that Ewoks are perfect they way they are--bite sized.*

Now Disney is making fun of fat Gamorrean guards. Aren't they ugly enough without Disney shoving their ridiculous standards of beauty in our faces? It's mostly muscle mass though, at least that's what Jabba told me**.

Poor Stormtrooper. He's going to starve to death unless he can find a way to take his helmet off. And judging how the stormtroopers acted over on the forest moon of Endor, I think it's a good bet he'll starve to death. They got beaten by a bunch of Ewoks who couldn't even ride the rides at Disneyworld!

This one is my favorite. It says to me, "Come on kids, have fun at Disneyworld! Watch as a murderous father tries to kill his own son! It's the most magical place on earth!" Also, the lightsaber being on makes me very nervous. All it takes is one little flick of the wrist and Darth Vader's head will be cut in half. Plus you can see the lightsaber from a good distance away, thereby losing your sense of surprise. Although I guess a giant tall guy dressed in all black with a cape doesn't blend into the crowd very much. Am I over analyzing this? Probably. But is it really funny to capitalize on a father's murderous rage towards his son? I guess the answer would have to be yes.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed these posters, even with my very pointed and astute observations about them. I hope everyone is having a nice week! Stay tuned for more cool stuff coming soon.

via Superpunch.

*Okay, he didn't actually say that. But I'm sure he would if someone asked him how he felt about the Ewoks height.

**Okay, he didn't actually say that. But I'm sure he would if he weren't dead and fictional.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Custom Order!

Hi everyone! I know it's been a while since I've been around here, but we've been working our butts off over here. We actually finished a new character too! It's a custom order I made for a co-worker who is obsessed with Wolverine. She said she didn't care if it was old school or Hugh Jackman Wolverine, so we went with Hugh Jackman. Take a look!
At first I wasn't sure about the jacket, but I think it turned out really well. If you're familiar at all with the movies I think it's really recognizable. You can take his jacket off, too, if you like the tank top look. I also like his belt buckle, which really isn't an "X" (except when he's in his little leather X-men outfit, but not when he's in his casual clothes) but I like it. I think the cigar really pulls everything together.
This gives you a better picture of his hair. His hair is actually made the same way as the other characters, it's just styled so that it stick out on the sides. You can see his sideburns, too. And his claws are just made out of sculpey and then shoved into the ends of his arms. They are kind of bendable, but really sharp.

And a closeup of his dog tags. You can actually kind of read the numbers and the word "Wolverine" that's carved on them, but they are really tiny.

Anyway, let me know what you think! Do you think he looks Wolverine-ish, or would you have preferred the classic yellow and blue jumpsuit thingy better? Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend! Stay tuned for more creations coming soon!

Oh, it looks like Wolfie and Hellboy got into a fight over which cigars are the best. They're kind of fighting.
Bad mutants!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Star Wars Dolls

Check out these cute little dolls! They are Japanese Kokeshi dolls and they are made by temple7e on etsy. They're actually pretty cheap too, each character runs about $15.

Alright, Boba Fett looks kind of creepy. The other characters have arms, they are just down to the side, but I think Boba has been de-armed, black knight style. Sorry about the lack of posting lately! I haven't really found anything that cool lately, and we've been really busy making orders and getting ready for the Star Wars art gallery showing! I'm really excited about that, I'll post more information when it gets closer to the date.

In other news, we have a winner for the penguin contest! Head on over to see what print the winner chose. It was really a lot of fun. Maybe if I ever make another pattern I'll have the same kind of contest over here for a free pattern. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Free penguin giveaway!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I'm having a contest over at my other blog, portrait of a penguin. All you have to do is visit the store and browse through the pictures and then comment on which one is your favorite. So if anyone here likes free stuff and/or penguins just mosey on over and vote for your chance to win! Stay tuned!

EDIT: Also, this picture is from flickr. The rest of the pictures in the set are awesome! Take a look.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Don't be cross!

Okay, okay, I know everyone is probably tired of seeing all this cross stitch stuff, but I thought these were too cute. They were made by flickr user Krupp, and she has a lot of really cute stuff. Check it out!
Aww, little artoo expresses his love in beeps and boops. And hearts. I love how simple this piece is. I really like the way this one is set up. It's not a straight on design, but it's kind of mixed up. I think it makes it look really neat. Plus the lightsaber is nice looking.
More Yoda sayings.
Okay, this one isn't Star Wars, but it's Hitchhiker's Guide, and that's awesome too! I love that she made a clock out of it! I so want to make one of these for work, but I doubt anyone would care.

Anyway, I thought these were really nice, so I wanted to show them off. You can check out her flickr page for more (including some Doctor Who stuff). I hope everyone had a nice Easter! I had to work, but at least it wasn't very busy, so that's something, I guess. Stay tuned for more stuff coming soon!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope Zombie Jesus rises from his shallow grave to bring all the good little girls and boys candy that he harvested from a farm of chocolate egg-laying rabbits that quack. That's what Easter is about, right? Well, enjoy anyway.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Book Alert--it will eat your brains!

Hey guys, guess what just came out at the bookstore? That's right, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! Aren't you excited? I have been waiting for this book to come out for so long. For those of you who aren't aware of this book (and couldn't guess what the book was about by the title) this is Pride and Prejudice with zombies included in it. I read the first couple of chapters on Amazon's preview thingy and I thought it was pretty good. Mrs. Bennet is worried about her daughters getting married, and Mr. Bennet is worried about polishing and cleaning his shotguns to defend his family from zombies. It's pretty great, actually.

I'm just waiting for more of these kinds of books to come out--I already have some ideas. How about Crime and Punishment and Robots? Or maybe War and Peace and Ninjas? I think that would really jazz up those books. Now the big question is, do I wait for this to come into the used bookstore, or do I go buy it new? If I wait for it to come in used, I would have to fight the other employees for it. Also, judging by how often we get the original Pride and Prejudice in, it would probably take quite a while. Ah! I don't know what to do. Well, I'm off to write Crime and Punishment and Robots before someone takes my idea. I'm watching you! Stay tuned for less paranoid ramblings, coming soon.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Beam me cookies!

Alright, I'll admit it--I've never watched Stargate. I have no idea what they call going through the Stargate (although I'm pretty sure they don't say "beam me up"). But anyway, my mom and sister are totally obsessed with Stargate in all of its incarnations, so I thought I'd post some Stargate stuff today. And oh yeah, it's all in cookie/cake/cupcake form. I guess the round shape of the Stargate just lends itself to pastries, I don't know.

First off: the wedding cake. Nothing says wedding like having a giant Stargate topper. All sarcasm aside, it's a really nice cake. The middle bluey part is really well done, and the Stargate outside actually looks really nice.
This is another cake (you may have to click on it to see the little details..they are quite nice). I like the runes all the way around the tiers of the cake. If you can't see very well, the little groom cake topper is carrying the bride cake topper through the Stargate, which apparently lights up (don't have any pictures of that, unfortunately).

Next off: Stargate cookie. I thought this one was really cute, and would be really nice if you were having a really nerdy party. I guess the icing might get annoying if you had to ice a dozen cookies, but it looks very nice. Also, are you really supposed to eat those silver thingies?

Lastly, another cake, this time the whole cake is a Stargate! This one is very detailed. I don't know how they got the icing to look like that (I'm assuming fondant, though) but it looks like they put a lot of work into making all of the little runes. Even if I never really appreciated the show I can always appreciate some good pastry homages. Especially nicely made ones. Hope you guys enjoy! Stay tuned, more cool stuff coming soon!

via Cake Wrecks

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Crochet R2D2 Pattern!

Alright, I'll admit it. I'm really upset that I didn't make this pattern. It was made by the wonderful dorfmunder and she graciously let me test the pattern for her, and it's now up for sale on her etsy page! I'm so grateful that someone actually made a crochet r2d2 with a pattern! Anyway, I'm posting this because 1) It's awesome. 2) It's R2D2 and 3) it's made to fit to scale to my little dudes! The pattern was really easy to follow, and my little artoo came out so cute.
See? He he is with the rest of the gang. The crochet part was actually really easy to follow (except I made one of his arms too short and had to rip it out) and then the blue felt pieces are just glued on. And he actually balances quite nicely on his arms, I didn't have to weight him or anything.

And here he is with Leia in the Tantive IV, receiving secret plans on the Death Star.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think of him! I think he's super cute. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

YOU SUCK, ThinkGeek: Updated

I hate April Fool's day. It's bad enough that idiots are running around thinking it's funny to put whoopee cushions on people's seats (or whatever it is people do for April Fool's day) but major corporations always have to get involved. They will announce something so totally awesome, something that everyone has been waiting for, and then it will turn out to be a prank. Last year I think it was the Zelda trailer that looked absolutely real, and so many people were excited about it and it turned out to be fan made. I'm sure a FFVII port was announced on April Fool's day too (even though I don't really care about that, I'm sure some people would have been mad). Not cool.

Anyway, check out this awesome new product ThinkGeek revealed today.

It's a freaking tauntaun sleeping bag. Yeah. How cute is that? Take a close look at the inside of the sleeping bag--it looks like intestines. And the zipper pull? Yeah, it's a tiny lightsaber. So you can use a freaking lightsaber to open your tauntaun before you sleep in it. And the head doubles as a pillow. And look at his tail! So cute.

Now I wasn't thinking about April Fool's day when I was looking at this, because I'm not five and because I assumed I was browsing the items of a competent, respectable and well established website. Long story short, I was getting ready to shell out $40 for a sleeping bag that is made for 7-13 year olds and comes up to my neck that I could never use, only to find out that it is a fake. Well screw you ThinkGeek! You don't want my money, that's fine. Of course, now I'm going to have to shell out considerably more to make it myself--because I am most definitely going to make it myself--but I would have rather given money to someone else to make it for me. Well, it's a good thing you don't like money, ThinkGeek. You can go back to selling your crappy "I heart Geeks" T-shirts now, you piece of crap. Blargh.

PS--I really am mad about this, because I really didn't want to make it myself. Of course mine is going to look a lot nicer and it's actually going to fit an adult size person, but this is possibly the most awesome thing I've ever seen and I'm mad that I have to go hunt around for tauntaun-looking fabric and intestine fabric. Blargh.

UPDATE: All right, commenter Heather has just informed me that ThinkGeek has announced that they are actually going to make this thing, so I am slightly less angry at them. They just have to get approval from Lucas first (yeah right). Now I just have to decide if I want to go ahead and make it anyway or if I am too lazy. Perhaps my spitefulness will win out over laziness, who knows.