Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just sleep on it

Check out this neato bed!
Oh yeah, that's a bed. A freaking awesome bed! It's a Y-Wing, complete with laser marks on the hull. It looks like it crashed landed in the (world's most spoiled kid's) bed room. Yeah, someone actually gets to sleep there. How awesome is that?

A view from the bed. Don't know what the joystick does, I assume it's just to get to school a little faster in the morning if you sleep in.From underneath/
So unless you are a master carpenter, it looks like you would be out of luck to get this in your own home. However, do not fear, nerds! There is a place out there for all of your Star Trek needs, at least. I know, I know, it's not nearly as cool as Star Wars, but I guess it's cool that there is a big enough market for Star Trek design that someone created a company to address those specific needs. Star Wars fans, we'll have to just pine and wait. Until then, stay tuned!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

No fair! I had that same basic idea...

I was so totally going to make this! No fair! Someone must have been reading my mind or something.

But mine was going to say "a second location" not "the second location", so it's totally different. And if you don't recognize the quote, it's from 30 Rock. And if you haven't seen it you should probably go watch it right now, it's awesome. This quote was from an episode with Carrie Fisher. And they totally made a Star Wars reference--and what's more, Carrie Fisher helped. And not just in that episode! In almost every episode. Also, I was reading a book the other day (maybe it was House of Mirth? I don't remember) and this one character's name was Carrie Fisher and they always referred to her by her first and last name, every single time. It was really creepy. Anyway, here's another person who stole another one of my awesome ideas:

One of Tracy Jordan's pearls of wisdom. Being shark week, I thought it was appropriate. At least no one took my last idea from 30 way I'm going to tell you guys what it is though. It's going to be awesome though. You guys just wait.

Obligatory Firefly craft.

I just loved this little project! It's so cool, because you can change the picture of the bear every week! Or maybe, if your cats keep throwing up on your carpet, you can even put a picture of your cat in there. STUPID CATS.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah! We should have some new dudes coming up for you guys soon--and also some reworked old characters who needed a facelift. Hopefully they will be done soon! Stay tuned!

Monday, August 3, 2009

This ALMOST makes me want a baby

I said ALMOST. Don't freak out, parents and/or boyfriend, if you are reading this. I just love this little costume. Also, do you think it is child abuse if you just have a child to dress them up in cute little cosplay clothes? I think that using a monkey might work too. They like wearing clothes, right? What was I talking about again? Oh yeah. Check out this too too cute adorable little baby outfit!

It's a tiny Link! Look how cute! I love the little belt. And the hat. Okay, I love everything about it. How adorable!!

The quiver, complete with arrows--I mean, baby bottle. They should have made it look like a lon lon milk bottle, but whatever. I guess you can't give arrows to babies, or something. Who knows. I thought babies loved playing with pointy sticks!

And this is the chest that all of those little tiny adorable clothes came in. Note: baby not included in the chest. We hope not, anyway.

Anyway, this was made by a craftster user for a friend's baby. What a cute gift! I love it. Maybe the cats want to play dress up...I'll let you know how that goes...

Stay tuned!