Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is too cool for it to be so hot outside

Hey everyone, I know it's probably hotter than Hades for everyone, especially here in stupid Texas, but I just wanted to share with you this scarf I found via Craft, from flickr user genegrl1.

I am just totally in awe of this scarf. Not only is it the coolest Lost scarf I've ever seen (okay, it's also the only one) but the girl has some seriously amazing knitting powers. My colorowork never turns out looking that clean, even after blocking, and I am totally jealous. But wait, there's more! Was the scarf not awesome enough?
It's freaking reversible! Ahh! It's too cool. The girl had a lot of patience, I can tell you that. This must have taken forever.

Anyway, just a quick little project to share! Trying to spread the geeky love. Stay tuned everybody!

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Anonymous said...

When is Zelda going to be finished?