Sunday, August 24, 2008

Excuses, excuses

Hey everyone! Sorry there hasn't been a post in a while. Wanna know why? This is what we had to do this weekend (well, we actually still have to do more, this is what actually got done).
So once everyone is assembled (that's 6 Links we have to finish!) hopefully we can get started on some new characters--I soooo want to make Leonidas, so hopefully we'll get working on him soon.

In other news, the boyfriend (the ever talented sculpey maker) entered the Craftster 350 contest, which is helping to spread the world about global warming. Since he is a t-shirt designer he entered the t-shirt contest, and here is his design:
Isn't it pretty? If you like it, go vote for it! You don't need to register to vote, so if you like it help spread the love! Stay tuned, more updates coming soon.


Anonymous said...

I've just stumbled upon your blog, and it's fantastic! You and your boyfriend are super talented. I am in envy of your crochet skills, I tried to learn once, but lets just say it didn't go so well, lol. But seeing your awesome projects makes me want to try learn again! haha

Andrea said...

I voted for him! great sculpey-ing!

Anonymous said...

Also voted for him! I checked out the competition first, of course - and found that his design was the only I would want on a tee of mine :)

Best of luck to him!