Friday, August 15, 2008

Cool Custom Clone Wars Jedi Clones

Hey guys! To celebrate the new Clone Wars movie that is coming out today, I thought I'd show you our newest creation: Ahsoka Tano!
Awww, isn't she cute? Her little head thingy was really hard to make; luckily I didn't have to make it, my boyfriend did. He's getting pretty handy with the sewing machine. This was the first time we've painted on crochet, and I think the effect turned out really nicely.
WAH! Clones! How cool would an army of cloned jedi be? We actually made three of these little guys, and they all turned out really cute. I like their little lightsabers. Their costumes were actually pretty easy, the hardest part was getting their heads to look right.
I even made a lightsaber out of sculpey this time! Alright, so it didn't turn out well enough to be one of these final three, but I was still pretty proud of myself. Those things are dang tiny, and I don't have nearly enough patience to work on them.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy! I'm excited about the movie, but I don't know if I want to see Tropic Thunder even more. I doubt I'll be brave enough to venture out to the movie theaters twice, so I'll have to choose which one I want to see more. Anyway, have a great weekend, and stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Hi all here at GCS. I just found you a few days ago and have been kept busy girlishly screaming at your collective creative genius. In the interest of supporting fan-art amis I found a crocheted Discworld this morning that I thought you may also appreciate:

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I posted the previous before I noticed that you already had June's blog on your "Favourite Stops" list. Still darn cool, and I'll be keeping an eye on your Etsy shop.

Geek Central Station said...

Oh it's no problem, I love her stuff! She makes the cutest little animals. That discworld little turtle is just adorable, I am in awe of her crochet powers, lol.


Andrea said...

wow!you have skills!