Friday, June 6, 2008

Warrior woman, Zoe Washburne

Alright everybody, next on the individual installment is Zoe Washburne! I'm really happy with how she turned out, I was worried about her overall look but in the end she turned out great. She is the first character I used doll hair for, and it turned out looking really great. It was insane to work with, though. Every time you touched the hair it would double in size, and little pieces would fall out everywhere--it was really hard to work with.
We decided to go with her outfit for the first episode (like we did for most of the characters) and so she has her little green jacket on.
See the little lines on the jacket? Those were painted on to imitate the quilting pattern on the jacket. I think it turned out looking really well, and it saved me the trouble of actually freehand quilting that stuff on.
And of course she has her shotgun. She has two belts, the black one with the gold buckle sits straight on, high up, and her ammo belt is slung down low. She has little three sections of bullets around her lower belt, they're pretty cool actually. And then of course she has a (working!) buckle on that belt too. Her gun can go in it's little holster on her lower belt--it's a pretty big gun, though, so it does kind of drag on the ground.
Aww, aren't they cute? I like Wash's outfit, too, his shirt is so cute! More on him later, for now enjoy these pictures!


Anonymous said...

Did you adjust your patterns to make thinner figures? Because all your latest guys to me look a little less "rotund" then the LOTR figures; maybe it's just me though. Either way, I LOVE all of your creations, they are so fun!

Geek Central Station said...

I didn't really adjust the patterns, but they have been turning out skinnier, I don't know why. I think it's the yarn I'm using, but you're right, they definitely are on the slim side.