Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I love my captain!

Okay, so some people wanted to see more pictures of Mal, so here he is!

He's so cute! He's probably not one of the most complicated of the crew (you know, physically, not emotionally) but I like him. I like his jacket--he has a torn patch on his left arm that has been patched up from when he was shot in the first episode. You can't really see them that well, but he has two big gold clasps (just felt) on the front, too.

His belt is supposed to be uneven, but it was really hard to make it low-slung, so I'm not sure if that came off very well. His gun is pretty neat, though.
See, it's a little off-kilter. I'm pretty proud of his suspenders, too, even though they were a pain in the butt to make. And for any shippers out there-
Ha! I'll be back with more pics of the rest of the characters soon, so stay tuned!


ben said...

hehe, its great! you should animate them :)


Unknown said...

C'mon Inara and Mal! Make with the smoochy faces already! ;)

These are so very, very lovely. But I've said that already. Oh well, no harm saying it again!

worldofhiglet said...

These really are great! And all the others on Flickr...awesome! Animating them would be great and sure to be a big hit with Browncoats everywhere...fantastic.

Unknown said...

LOVE the suspenders!

thus-sung said...

I love how that piece of Inara's hair on Mal's face makes it look like a huge grin.

Nice work!

pseudobunny said...