Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pretty Little Elf

Alright everybody, time for the pretty little elf, doing his little nancy dance. (Can you tell I was obsessed with Cassandra Claire's LotR private diaries?)

To be honest, Legolas was not my favorite in the beginning. He turned out fatter than the rest (and my sister was yelling at me to make him skinnier than the rest, being an elf and all) and his head is kind of a funny shape. It was super hard to find the right colors for him, both in yarn and in felt. Even now I'm still not sure we shouldn't have made him in silver yarn and a beige felt tunic with the green felt vesty thing over that. Being so fat though, that would have made him huge.

Anyway, once we got his hair together and his awesome bow and arrow and quiver, I changed my mind. The boy did such a wonderful job with the quiver (can you see that peacock? How crazy is that?!) and the bow (except when the cats ate it and stole the silver thread on it) that I think I changed my mind about little Leggy.

Definitely the prettiest!

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