Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Okay, I will be honest. I never really cared that much for Gimli in the LotR movies, because I thought he was just used as some campy comic relief and he scares me a little because he reminds me of some of my customers at work. ANYWAY, I love the little Gimli the boyfriend and I made.

Isn't he so cute? I love his little braids. We decided that his beard would have to be made out of felt, like the other characters that have beards, and it couldn't be braided like in the movie, but I think the effect here turned out really well. Also, how cute is his little helmet? The boyfriend sculpted little Dwarven runes into it before he painted it. Crazy, right?
And you can't see them very well, but Gimli has two little braided strands running across his chest. I braided those suckers, they are 5 stranded braids (which are VERY HARD to do, for me at least) and you can barely see them. Oh well.

Hope you guys like him!

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Hawkeyegirl said...

Gimli was always my favorite in the books, in the movies, he's kind of blah.
But I LOVE this doll! I've only just started crocheting animals (very simple ones)and can only hope I get good enough to a make a person, let alone such a complex figurine!
Great Job!