Monday, March 24, 2008

Maniac Monday--Futurama!

I love Futurama. I think that it is one of the funniest shows ever created, aside from Arrested Development. Unfortunately, there's not too much love for the show in the craft world. However, the crafts that are out there are AWESOME! And most of them come with free patterns too, which of course is also awesome. Awesome to the max.

Here goes.

1. Amber over at Cthulu crochet made a completely awesome little Nibbler. Can I even begin to tell you how cute he is? And he even has a completely innocent puupy-dog eyes on his face, a look like he knows that he just totally dropped a ball of dark matter on the carpet and ate all of the neighbors cats (oh please oh please not the neighbor too), but you still love him anyway because he's so cute.

2. Ever wanted your own brain slug? Well, now you can own one for your very own head. I'm not exactly sure about the mechanics of the brain slug--does it suck your brains out and eat them, or just disable them? Maybe it feeds off of brainwaves somehow? Hermes seemed fine as soon as he got his off his head, but the slugs obviously need the brain for sustenance, because Fry's died without proper nutrition. Although maybe Fry's died because he is his own grandfather. That can mess someone up, I'm sure.

3. Lastly, I give you-- THE GENDER BENDER!! Now, I've seen this amigurumi Bender floating around the internet (and there is a link to the free pattern for original Bender on the site linked above) , but I only recently saw the little outfit. How cute are the curls? And he even has a little wand to tickle people with. So cute!

Yay! If anyone ever sees any Futurama crafts out there, feel free to drop me a line! I'm always up for some good Futurama-related paraphernalia.

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