Friday, March 21, 2008

New Lord of the Rings characters

Well, my plan for this blog was to post all of the Fellowship members, along with pictures and my incredibly witty, insightful thoughts about creating them. Well, since the Fellowship has burst upon the interwebs (with more incredible success than I thought possible, like this or this or this) I thought I would post some information about some LotR characters that I didn't show everyone. You know, maybe to make this blog actually relevant?

Okay, here goes--

Faramir! Isn't he so cute? Unlike the members of the Fellowship, he doesn't have any accessories. Of course, the tree of Gondor on his outfit is so incredible, that I don't think he needs anything. He is kind of complicated, though--he has three different layers of felt (the brown, the tan, and the dark brown) and little gold rings connecting the tan colors together. And of course his cloak.

The bottommost layers of felt have some decorative "baseball" stitching on them (not sure if that's a technical term, but it's the kind of stitching they have on baseballs so it's a good bet). And of course the belt--we have TONS of leather, since the boy used to work at a furniture store and got to keep lots of their little fabric samples they threw away.

I don't have a picture of him next to his brother Boromir, but they do look like they are related! Faramir's hair is one shade lighter but still in the same color category.

Faramir was the first non-Fellowship member I made, and of course (so he wouldn't be lonely) I had to make his lady-love, Eowyn--but you have to wait till the next post to see her! Okay, you could cheat and go to my flickr page, but then you wouldn't get to see all of the neat things I have to say about her!


amber said...

Just thought I'd let you know the links in this post aren't working. They accidently have the http:// part twice. This sometimes happens when I try to put a link in a blogger post too. You have to go back and edit your post to take out the duplicates and then hit post again.

Also love Faramir, especially his tree on his shirt! I'm glad you made sure he wouldn't be lonely!

Unknown said...

I have no words for how adorable all these little guys are. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love faramir. he is my favorite character after eowyn and legolas.

Your stuff rocks!

Hazel West said...

These are really adorable, but Faramir is one of my favs! :):) I'm glad I found your blog!