Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blow your horn, Boromir

Ha ha, okay, time for some Boromir. (I know all of these pics are already on craftster and flickr, but I wouldn't have anything else to post unless I did these one by one. Plus, I know everyone enjoys my stupid random comments, right? RIGHT?). Anyway, on to the show--

Little Boromir! I cannot express how much I love his little horn of Gondor. The boy painted and sculpted it and then even put little rings so I could strap it around Boromir. Except for all of the sculpey, Boromir is one of the more simple Fellowship members, but he is one of my favorites.

Of course, as soon as I made Boromir, I had to make Faramir too, and then Eowyn so that Faramir wouldn't be lonely (being the only non-Fellowship member and all) and then of course Theoden, because Eowyn would probably want to be with her uncle too (if he was still alive). But that's another post. For now, enjoy our poor fallen hero.


June (planetjune) said...

I love your LOTR characters! I can't believe you're selling them though - how can you bear to part with them?!

Geek Central Station said...

Well planetjune, to be honest, the ones I am selling are the second set I've made. The first set I am absolutely not parting with and have a happy home in my apartment.

To tell you the truth though, I enjoy making new designs more than re-making old designs, so I am not that concerned with selling them. I'm already on to the new Star Wars set!

Unknown said...

I just spent 20 minutes looking for this. Are you selling him or a replica of him? Absolutely adorable.

Anonymous said...

can you make a pippin one?