Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Denethor, please keep away.

Alright, we know that Minas Tirith has been recreated as food many times. First the gumdrop city, and then as a cake. Old news. But now the White City has been recreated with matchsticks! That's right. I don't know why this particular person chose matchsticks, but he is doing a really awesome job. It's not complete yet, as you can probably tell from the picture, and it looks like it's estimated finish date is sometime in 2010. Seeing as how it was started in 2007, this thing is a major project. I can't imagine having it in my living room for that long.
Overall shot--the top part isn't quite finished yet.

The detail on this thing is just incredible! You can check out the website for more detail shots, though there isn't much information on how it was constructed other than carefully and tediously. I wonder if he is going to buy little Lord of the Rings people to populate it with. Probably not. Anyway, stay tuned!

Via Geekologie.

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