Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Walking off a cliff!

Remember lemmings? Not the little crazy critters that jump off a cliff, but the ones that explode when you tell them to. Yeah? Kind of an old game, but I still play it on my DS so it hasn't completely faded into obscurity. Anyway, the brilliant Planet June made up a bunch of little lemmings in their various forms--walker, floater, blocker, building and miner, unfortunately no exploder. (She also made an amigurumi llama out of llama yarn! I want a llama!) Anyway, on to the pics:

Once again, eyelash yarn proves that it is useful for things other than scarves that look like hairy boogers. The lemmings hair is so cute! You can see larger pictures here. And the best part? Free pattern! Now you can make your own unholy army of tiny little lemmings and throw them off your balcony*. Now we just need someone to make an amigurumi Jazz Jackrabbit! Okay, maybe not, he was kind of creepy. Stay tuned, new dude coming within the week!

*I do not condone throwing lemmings, live or otherwise, off of balconies.
Or any other animal for that matter. Except for maybe spiders.


planetjune said...

Awww, thank you so much! And I agree that Jazz Jackrabbit was kinda creepy - I'll leave it to someone else to make him :)

Julianne said...

I'm having troubles opening the link for the free pattern. Is this just a problem with my computer? I really want to make these little guys :D

Konimusa said...

Waaaah great idea! They are fantastic! xDDD I love them ^^

Nikki said...

omg! I love them!!! Lemmings rock :)
Jazz Jackrabbit was awesome, but it would be very hard to make him look cute O_o Challenge maybe?