Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gotta Make 'Em All!

Alright, it's Pokemon time! If anyone wants some fun crafts to make this weekend (and you are a nerd--but I'm assuming most of you are if you're reading this) I rounded up a couple of crafts.

First up: a crochet Psyduck. Yeah, I know Psyduck is really annoying but as long as he's not running around like an idiot he's just fine. In fact I think I like him the best in crochet form because he's so quiet.

And if you can't crochet, or just want to do another kind of craft, we have here an Ivysaur plush pattern. I actually tried to make this and got so far as to cut out all of the pieces, but I never have sewed them together. Yes, I am that lazy. Still, I think he's really cute! I especially like his little fangs.
Also, if you're feeling brave you can whip up this Pikachu pattern--but there's no picture of the finished product, so who knows what monstrosity you'll actually end up with. You can also whip up this little pokeball to bring with you in public and throw at people. Extra points if you fill it with rocks and beat up the people first so they won't break out of the ball.

PS--That was rude. Please don't do that. I think I'm in a weird mood because I looked through this disturbing gallery of pokemon pictures which has put me out of whack. I don't even know how I found this. On the one hand I want to laugh at them, because I think the concept is funny, but on the other hand the amount of innards and blood makes me squick. So. Yeah. Here's one of the tame ones, which is the only one that doesn't have brains or blood spurting out.

I do like this one, mainly because of my aforementioned dislike of Psyduck. However, the Sandshrew and Chansey one make me want to cry. There's also a picture of a drugged Snorlax who has had his kidneys stolen. I don't know. Anyway. Stay tuned! Less disgusting stuff next time, I swear!

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Amy B. said...

The gallery of busted pokemon kind of remind me of Happy Tree Friends o.o;
Pokemon can be fun to craft....I made a pikachu dice bag for one of my friends a while back, and it inspired me to make more (not that any of that inspiration has taken shape yet), so I'm intent on making a line of cute-faced dicen bags to sell hehe...