Friday, March 6, 2009

How much is that AT-AT in the window?

Okay you guys, you have got to check out this flickr set. It's a bunch of photos about the family's newest pet, ATilla (adorable name!) and his wacky adventures. Check it out:

Oh ATilla, I just let you back in!

I hope he doesn't stink up the place as bad as my cats do, yucky.

Aww, ATilla likes his new playmate.

Anyway, I thought this set was just too cute not to share. I would totally love a little AT-AT as a pet. Pew pew! Yeah, that's right, he would have working lasers. Don't worry about the cat scratching your couch anymore, worry about your little AT-AT blowing it up! Alright, that's enough. Stay tuned!


rachel said...

That was adorable! How do you find all this cool stuff?

GallifreyGirl said...

Haha, I love it, especially that first one.

Geek Central Station said...

@rachel: I don't know! I think I spend way too much time on the internet.