Friday, January 8, 2010

This does not smell bad. At all.

Yeah, for Halloween I alternately throw on either my Hobbit cloak or Jedi robe, pick up a sword or lightsaber and call it a day. This guy, though, this guy went all out.

And guess what? You don't even need to get some schmuck to hold up the back end of this. It looks like you need to wear stilts, but still. Guess what else? The guy who made this posted complete details on how to make your own, so maybe if you start right now you might be able to finish it by Halloween 2010.

Me? I think I'll go with this instead:
That's right! I got a Tauntaun sleeping bag for Christmas! (Actually it was my birthday but they're so close it doesn't really matter. [I won't admit to this statement on my next birthday]). I guess my loving parents got all of my threatening e-mails lovingly read my blog and saw how cool it was.

Oh and, I take back all of the nasty things I said about you. Sorry 'bout that. You pulled through. Stay tuned!

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