Saturday, January 30, 2010


Sorry about the lack of posting lately, as some of you probably know Mass Effect 2 just came out and that has been eating all of my free time. Anyway, in between my brief respites from the game, I found this cute little kitty!

Oh I'm sorry, I mean manly kitty! Oh wait, that's kind of creepy. Anyway, I like the red fuzz that loveandsandwich used for the hair. And the little sword is attached by velcro!

This little guy is available on etsy for $200 (!). I don't know if there are any die hard Thundercats fans out there (I'm sure there are) but that seems a little steep. Anyway,I've made it through my first play through in Mass Effect 2, so a semi-regular schedule should be returning. Maybe. Stay tuned!

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radioactivegan said...

I named my cat for a thundercat -- Cheetarah (well, Lillith Cheetarah, but it's in there). I don't think I'll fork over the $200 though ...