Monday, January 11, 2010

I want to go to there.

Check out this awesome office I found, designed by an architectural firm called "Because We Can". I don't know how much actual work gets done here, seeing as how there are about 5 lounge rooms to every desk as well as a fully stocked bar, but even so the concept of the thing is wonderful. Behold:

Each employee has a custom made desk. Now I know it doesn't leave a lot of room for clutter, something I am very prone to, but I would take any one of these in a heartbeat.
This is a secret room hidden behind a bookcase. Probably a lounge room of some sort.

That's right, a frakking POOL TABLE. At work.
And I guess this is a loungy area? I have a feeling that whatever these people do it isn't testing Guitar Hero, so I'm guessing this is another break space. But come on, who wouldn't want to sit and watch TV on a giant octopus?
If you want to check out the rest of the pictures just click here. The architectural firm who did this has done some other work too, but nothing this awesome. This just blows me away.


mihrimah said...

That's the office of Three Rings Software, which I believe is in San Francisco. They make games such as Puzzle Pirates and Bang! Howdy.

LEon said...

Awesome office. I want to go there too. LOL