Tuesday, January 12, 2010


That's right everyone, I still love Okami. And with Okamiden coming out sometime this year for the DS there will (hopefully) be a new influx of love for this sadly under appreciated game. And hopefully that also means a new influx of crafts! (Note to self: finish Okami embroidery sometime within the next decade. I've worked on it since that picture was taken though. It's in a box around here somewhere....). But until that game comes out, enjoy some little cute Okami plushes I've found!

I found this little guy over on Flickr. The other animals made by the same person, while not video game related, are still pretty cute.

These little guys (Okami and a fox spirit) are so adorable! They actually look like little cats. But it doesn't matter because they are so cute! Available over on etsy.

I have a feeling that this little Ammy is a professionally made plush for a Capcom booth somewhere, but I haven't really been able to find that much information on it. She actually looks needle felted, but I can't be sure.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'll probably post updates about the game when it gets closer to the release date, as well as convince everyone and their mother to go buy the game when it comes out. If this game does really well, can you imagine how incredible an Okami sequel on the PS3 would look? Yeah, it's probably never going to happen. Anyway, stay tuned!


Dragonpearl said...

If you look at the original on Flickr and zoom in as big as you can it looks like it's professionally made and not needle felted.

jessi said...

I LOVE Okami! I'm not very good at embroidery, but a project like this would be a good excuse to practice...

jasohill said...

My photo was taken at the Tokyo Game Show last year. It was featured at the official okamiden booth.