Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ray guns!

I have to admit it. I am an addict. I am addicted to ray guns. I just can't get enough of them. I think they are awesome and cool and sleek and nerdy and cool. Now mind you I wouldn't tote one of these babies around town or anything, but I would most definitely display one of these prominently in my living room. If only I were a millionaire! Or at least made a living wage!

Anyway, in the first of what will probably be many posts about ray guns, I will set the standards for what constitutes awesomeness way higher than I really have any right to. Check out these awesome specimens made by, of course, Weta Workshop.

It's hard to really do these pictures justice, so if you have time you really should click through to the site, where you can minutely inspect every crevice and nook in astonishing detail.

Now I think these are just made (for fun? no no, look at the prices) as an independent project, since as far as I can tell they aren't attached to any movie. If they were, I would probably go see it in a heartbeat, but for now I will just have to ogle from my computer screen. My favorite one if probably the Righteous Bison because I just love saying it so much. I also like the blunderbuss, but only because I think "blunderbuss" is a funny word. I think I want to put that I was shot by a blunderbuss on my tombstone, because then everyone would think I was cool.

Anyway, I want to post these here because eventually we are going to try and make a ray gun. I'm sure they won't be as awesome as these (because if they were I'm sure Weta would try and hire us the boy), but I think we can do pretty well with a trip to Home Depot and the use of the most awesome book I have stowed away in a box somewhere. It may or may not be functional. Stay tuned!

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iamnotobiwan said...

Want one for my Steampunk outfit...please and thank-you.