Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That's cool, my velcro was wearing thin anyway.

In the market for some new shoes? Would you like to spend ridiculous amounts of money on them? Do you want to be a lonely nerd forever? Then look no further, Adidas has the perfect shoe for you!
Some AT-AT shoes.
I love the little Stormtrooper face in the back of this shoe! Although I'm sure you can get roughly the same effect with some sharpies...
And slave Leia shoes. I'm not sure if these are intended for men or women (I hope for women, although the shape of the shoe is pretty hideous), but they're shiny!
Some of the shoes are subtle--I like the light picture of the Death Star on the side, although I have a feeling that from the front they look ridiculous.

But then some of the shoes are not so subtle. Take this shiny shoe with pictures glued on the sides.

If you want to check out the official site with pictures of all the different shoes, click here, but be warned--there is a crazy amount of flash on that site. It might be a couple of minutes before you can actually navigate anything.

Anyway I'm kind of torn about these. On the one hand, they are Star Wars merchandise, and I'm pretty sure I've been programmed to love any Star Wars stuff ever made. On the other hand they are shoes, and I hate shoes almost as much as I hate shoe shopping. Hmm. Conundrum! Would any of you actually wear these?

Stay tuned!


nataliejane81 said...

My husband has bought himself a pair of the stormtrooper trainers :) he loves them (he's an active trooper) & they are actually not bad, pretty subtle but with enough star wars detailing to appease the geek in him... The Leia ones are for women & I agree they are a bit hideous but I know a practising Leia who lusts after a pair....
IMO not worth the extra cost but if it makes my hubby happy *shrug*

Arodlim said...

Wow... Those are sort of strange-lookin', but cool at the same time. I'd probably actually wear the AT-AT ones.

PriestessRaven said...

I showed these to my hubby and he was dead quiet for about 2 minutes. Then he said "I wouldnt know which one I'd want!" So yep, they are desirable in this household. And if they came in kid sizes, my daughter would be clamoring for them too