Monday, January 18, 2010

It's a me!

Check out all of these little adorable crochet Nintendo characters! I know that there are a lot of these kind of things out there, but anenemyairship does a really incredible job on them. Plus there are lots of unusual characters!

Raccoon Mario.
Kirby Link--seriously, has anyone ever made a Kirby Link before? He's awesome!

A baby blooper and....Penguin Mario! He is so cute!

If you will remember, this is the same person who made this awesome giant Mario rug. She is really committed to Nintendo characters!

Many of these little guys are up on her etsy shop, but they are only available as finished projects. I wish there were patterns available, because these little guys are just too cute!


Arodlim said...

Kirby Link! :D
These are adorable. I've been a fan of your site and your amigurumis for quite a while now, d'you mind if I follow you?

Geek Central Station said...

That would be wonderful! I'm glad you enjoy the site.

jmo said...

Oh... I totally just found you, and have added you in my "favorites" Now i'm looking through your back posts and found this one! OOH! OOH! I know somewhere that can help!
She posts all of her Mario (and pokemon) patterns for free, and they are absolutely amazing. Definitely worth checking out. Hope this helps in your pursuit of crochet excellence! :)

Geek Central Station said...

That is such a great site! Those patterns are really adorable. Thanks for the link!