Saturday, July 11, 2009

Found on Ravelry

Check out some of the awesome stuff I've been finding on Ravelry lately. That place is so cool! And there are lots of nerds there, too, which makes finding really cool stuff really easy. Also, you can search projects by what kind of yarn is used--which is good for me, since most of the time I just buy really pretty yarn but have no idea what to do with it. But anyway, here are some of the more nerdy projects I've found floating around.
First off--probably the most awesome use of granny squares ever. I like that it isn't a traditional square shape, and is just the outline of Mario. Even so, this thing must be pretty huge. I think there are over 350 granny squares on this thing.
These little dragons are too adorable. They are babies! I love their little tiny wings and their little head spikeys. I think I might go buy the pattern for them--I want to make a small army of them.

I like this project because it's something I never would of thought anyone would make--a Snakes on a Plane hat. I mean, I know the movie was all posed to be something really awesome, but it kind of flopped and it was kind of a while ago--I just didn't think that anyone would go through all of this trouble. It's awesome though!

And this little cute octorok! And not just any octorok--it's a boss. I love all of the little details on the top of him. Also he looks really angry.

Hope you guys enjoy! I haven't really been crocheting much, this kind of almost makes me want to pick up my hook again. Almost. Still plugging away on the embroidery for now, though. Stay tuned!


Nerd Goddess said...

I love that blanket! Thanks for the photos. :)

Dil said...

yeah, cool mario

Wow Gold said...
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Wow Gold said...
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