Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cute little custom monsters

I am always awed at the really cool original stuff that people come up with. I mean, it's always really cool to see another cross stitch "the cake is a lie" sampler, but sometimes the original things people come up with are the best. These little guys are a great example of that--they are totally adorable, original, and I want one so bad. This artist, LucyRavenscar, also has some geeky sensibilities--she is the one who made these little adorable Star Wars people. Anyway, check these little monsters out!

This one is a rock spirit. Rocks can be cute, too!
This one is called a Dandelion Dragon. I could totally imagine him as some wise old kung fu master in a movie!
This one--probably my favorite--is the ice troll. I love his little fangs. And I like how happy he looks.And this one is a dawn spirit. I love how the yarn colors on the tummy really look like a sunrise.

In addition to all of these being adorable, most of them are made with fuzzy yarn, which is my enemy. I have to totally respect someone who can use it so well and use it more than once because of how crappy it is to work with.

Oh, and for anyone who wanted a geeky fix even after seeing these little adorable guys, check out her free Wicket the Ewok crochet pattern! Gotta love free patterns. And check out her etsy page--she sells these little guys on there, but my favorites are all sold out! And they look like they are very reasonable prices, too. Anyway, stay tuned! I'm slowly making my way through my embroidery piece (not original, based on a video game, but what can you do) and I'm going to need some more TV shows to watch soon. Ah well.

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fikshunpink7 said...

I love your blog and especially this little critter, Dandelion Dragon! Yes the fangs on the ice one are nice too. Reminds of the book "Where the Wild Things Are" that is fixing to be out in theatres as a movie!