Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Say We All.

Alrighty, time for some Battlestar crafts!

These little guys are made by the same artist who did the Star Wars dolls. I think all of these are still available on etsy--it's worth it to go over there just to check out the other stuff the shop has! The ninjas are too cute. Anyway:
Starbuck and Apollo.
The whole crew--I'm not sure what Colonel Tigh is doing to Cally...he's probably just drunk and hitting on her.
Aww, little Gaius is so cute! Number Six, I think that dress is a little tight on you...

I love these little note cards. Actually I think I only like them because of the crazy octagonal paper they are on. I always wondered what the point of the octagonal paper was...

Yeah yeah, I know the whole Che Guevara thing has been done to death (even by us!) but I still think it's funny. You can check it out on etsy.
I put this last one in here because I think it is hilarious. It's supposed to be a sculpture of the Galactica, but I think it's just a piece of wood that kind of looks like a spaceship. I think it actually looks more like a Viper than the Galactica, but that's just me.

Anyway, stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

I love those note cards! I remember reading somewhere that the octagonal paper was a reference to how they had to cut corners to film the mini-series on such a tight budget.

That "sculpture" is amazingly hilarious. Oh my goodness---I think I could find a rock in my backyard that resembled the Galactica more than that piece of wood. :D

Heather - said...

Thanks. That cheered me up. Especially your comments on the last "sculpture".

Lesley said...

So awesome! I wish I had enough empty flat surfaces in my house for the little people.
Love your blog, btw. :)