Sunday, April 19, 2009

Star Wars Dolls

Check out these cute little dolls! They are Japanese Kokeshi dolls and they are made by temple7e on etsy. They're actually pretty cheap too, each character runs about $15.

Alright, Boba Fett looks kind of creepy. The other characters have arms, they are just down to the side, but I think Boba has been de-armed, black knight style. Sorry about the lack of posting lately! I haven't really found anything that cool lately, and we've been really busy making orders and getting ready for the Star Wars art gallery showing! I'm really excited about that, I'll post more information when it gets closer to the date.

In other news, we have a winner for the penguin contest! Head on over to see what print the winner chose. It was really a lot of fun. Maybe if I ever make another pattern I'll have the same kind of contest over here for a free pattern. Stay tuned!

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