Monday, April 6, 2009

Beam me cookies!

Alright, I'll admit it--I've never watched Stargate. I have no idea what they call going through the Stargate (although I'm pretty sure they don't say "beam me up"). But anyway, my mom and sister are totally obsessed with Stargate in all of its incarnations, so I thought I'd post some Stargate stuff today. And oh yeah, it's all in cookie/cake/cupcake form. I guess the round shape of the Stargate just lends itself to pastries, I don't know.

First off: the wedding cake. Nothing says wedding like having a giant Stargate topper. All sarcasm aside, it's a really nice cake. The middle bluey part is really well done, and the Stargate outside actually looks really nice.
This is another cake (you may have to click on it to see the little details..they are quite nice). I like the runes all the way around the tiers of the cake. If you can't see very well, the little groom cake topper is carrying the bride cake topper through the Stargate, which apparently lights up (don't have any pictures of that, unfortunately).

Next off: Stargate cookie. I thought this one was really cute, and would be really nice if you were having a really nerdy party. I guess the icing might get annoying if you had to ice a dozen cookies, but it looks very nice. Also, are you really supposed to eat those silver thingies?

Lastly, another cake, this time the whole cake is a Stargate! This one is very detailed. I don't know how they got the icing to look like that (I'm assuming fondant, though) but it looks like they put a lot of work into making all of the little runes. Even if I never really appreciated the show I can always appreciate some good pastry homages. Especially nicely made ones. Hope you guys enjoy! Stay tuned, more cool stuff coming soon!

via Cake Wrecks


rachel said...

The silver thingies are edible. Not delicious, but edible Frequently they're just made of sugar.
End food nerd transmission.

Nikki said...

Those are BRILLIANT.

Leslie said...

I made that last cake! Not fondant! Just very carefully smoothed butter cream. It's tastier that way.


Making of:

Jessica said...

The first cake looks like it has the SG coasters from Thinkgeek on it.

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