Thursday, April 30, 2009

Disney has a sense of humor!

Well, sort of. Check out these posters that were supposedly used to boost employee spirit for the Star Wars weekend (as if someone couldn't get excited about Star Wars on their own). However, these posters could be interpreted as being anti-Star Wars if you take a closer look at them. Here they are, with my take on them.

This one says, "Make fun of short people! They can't ride our rides!" I mean, is it really the Ewoks fault that they are so short? Haven't they already been persecuted enough by Stephen Colbert? On a side note, Colbert says that Ewoks are perfect they way they are--bite sized.*

Now Disney is making fun of fat Gamorrean guards. Aren't they ugly enough without Disney shoving their ridiculous standards of beauty in our faces? It's mostly muscle mass though, at least that's what Jabba told me**.

Poor Stormtrooper. He's going to starve to death unless he can find a way to take his helmet off. And judging how the stormtroopers acted over on the forest moon of Endor, I think it's a good bet he'll starve to death. They got beaten by a bunch of Ewoks who couldn't even ride the rides at Disneyworld!

This one is my favorite. It says to me, "Come on kids, have fun at Disneyworld! Watch as a murderous father tries to kill his own son! It's the most magical place on earth!" Also, the lightsaber being on makes me very nervous. All it takes is one little flick of the wrist and Darth Vader's head will be cut in half. Plus you can see the lightsaber from a good distance away, thereby losing your sense of surprise. Although I guess a giant tall guy dressed in all black with a cape doesn't blend into the crowd very much. Am I over analyzing this? Probably. But is it really funny to capitalize on a father's murderous rage towards his son? I guess the answer would have to be yes.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed these posters, even with my very pointed and astute observations about them. I hope everyone is having a nice week! Stay tuned for more cool stuff coming soon.

via Superpunch.

*Okay, he didn't actually say that. But I'm sure he would if someone asked him how he felt about the Ewoks height.

**Okay, he didn't actually say that. But I'm sure he would if he weren't dead and fictional.


rachel said...

Have you made a Darth Vader?

Amy B. said...

Hah! That gave me a good laugh! :D Thanks for making my day. :D

Geek Central Station said...

@rachel: Yeah!