Friday, June 17, 2011

Star Wars PSA's

These Star Wars public service announcements by College Humor are actually pretty funny!  Color me surprised.  I'm actually pretty pleased that they restrained themselves from making some sort of Admiral Ackbar "Trap" reference, although it seems that they couldn't refrain from a "Keep Calm and Carry On" spoof.   Oh well.  They are still pretty great.

Ha ha, in tiny print it says "Paid for by the Endor Department of Parks and Recreation."  I would watch that show.  An ewok Ron Swanson would be hilarious.
It was specieisim! And anti-robotism!  R2D2 almost died fighting, shouldn't he at least get a purple heart or something? 
I don't know what's coming out of that cup, but it sure ain't blue milk.  It looks like how Hutts are born.

Anyway, I thought these were pretty great.  Stay tuned!


viagra said...

hahaha actually sounds very funny, at least for me, i always liked star wars, even when i was a child i use to play that i was a jedi and made the same choreographies of the movies.

sinreal11 said...

I would watch that swtor credits show. An ewok Ron Swanson would be hilarious.