Monday, June 20, 2011

Major Overhaul!!

Alright, well, as you may have noticed, the site looks a little different around here.  If you are reading this in a blog reader, click through!  It's a little more polished, a little more fancy, and that's just the beginning.   The biggest change around here is the new series of free patterns that I am going to start offering. 

These two are the first free patterns available!  Han's pattern is being released today, Leia's should follow next week.
And these two are coming soon!  Link's ready to go, but Zelda's still not finished yet.

Gosh, both of those pictures really look like cheesy high school pictures of couples, right? That was not my intention.
And a preview picture!   I'm very excited about this one, I think you guys will really love it.

I have many more characters in the works right now, and hopefully I will be able to put out a new pattern every couple of weeks or so.  I have some really big plans for these free patterns.  I don't want to spill the beans yet, but if I can work it out there should be some pretty amazing stuff here soon.

I am still going to be selling patterns in my etsy shop as well.  I consider those to be on a different level than these patterns, and I am never going to put any information from those patterns on this site, like any sculpey tutorials or felt patterns.  So if you want an original Geek Central Station Star Wars amigurumi, head on over to my etsy shop!

So everyone, this is a pretty big deal to me, so please let me know what you think of everything!  I want to know if the patterns are good, if you like them, and what patterns you would like to see in the future!  And if you create anything with these patterns, please feel free to send me some pictures.  I love seeing what everyone makes!

Stay tuned!

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Nikki Resendes said...

Awesome! Glad you are doing these again :)