Monday, June 20, 2011

Han Solo Free Pattern

Han Solo Pattern

Recommended yarn colors:
Dark Blue for the pants
White for the shirt
Black for the vest
Dark Brown for the belt and holster
Silver for the belt buckle
Beige for the skin
Red for the stripes

Follow the base amigurumi pattern.  If you like, you can start Han off by chaining the first 30 sts in black, to make his belt , and then switch to the dark blue.  If you prefer not to change colors that often, though, it's not very important.

Follow the directions using the above colors as your guide.  Once you are done with the body, it's time to move on to the accessories!

Click here for hair instructions.

Han's Vest:
Arguably his most recognizable accessory.  Below are the instructions for the vest, HOWEVER, your pattern may require fewer or more stitches depending on your gauge and how tightly/loosely you stuffed your ami.  Please use your best judgement as to whether or not to add/take away stitches.

Start by chaining 26 in black yarn.  Use the above picture for a guide.  When you size this around Han's waist, there should be about a 1 inch gap in the front.
Single crochet 3 rows.  Ch 1 and turn at the end of each row.
Now you want to start decreasing.  You are going to decrease 2 stitches every row.  I placed my decreases randomly, because I didn't want lines of decreases. Do this for the next four rows, or until the vest reaches to just below Han's arms.
Now is the arm hole row.  SC in the next 2 sts.  Now chain 7 stitches, and attach with a slip stitch to the 4th or 5th st from the beginning of your chain.  This makes a hole just big enough for the arm.  Now is a good time to size it, to make sure that the hole is not too big or too small.  If it is, adjust accordingly.  Single crochet for another 5 sts, then chain 7 again and attach to the 4th or 5th st from the beginning of the second chain.  Single crochet until the end of the row.   DO NOT cut the yarn.

To give the vest a nice clean edge I like to single crochet around the edges  (see picture below--"last stitch" refers to the last stitch you made before the decorative edge). Cut the yarn, leaving a long tail.  Use the long tail to secure the vest in place, paying special attention to the front.  If not secured, the vest will flop open and generally look a little disheveled.

 Han's Belt:

In brown yarn, chain about 32 stitches.  This length should be long enough to circle around Han's waist and droop slightly over his right hip.  Attach the last chain to the first in a slip stitch.
SC the next 6 sts, ch 1 and turn
SC 4 sts, ch 1 and turn
SC 3 sts, ch 1 and turn
SC 2 sts.  Leave a long tail and pull through the loop.  Use the tail to wrap around the bottom of the leg.  Secure the tail and cut the yarn.

ch 4, turn
sc in the next 3 sts, ch 1 and turn
sc in next 2 sts, cut yarn and pull through the loop.  Use the tail to attach to the belt.

Red Stripe
Take a small length of the red yarn and use an embroidery needle to embroider the stripe up both sides of the leg.  Mine is a little off-kilter, but you get the idea.

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Anonymous said...

I'm about to make a Han Solo after two requests for Princes Leia. Thanks for the awesome patterns!

Anonymous said...

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I would be happy to feature this project on our site if you decide to post the instructions there and help get it noticed among out 13 million visitors. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Becki A. said...

I know this is an older post, but I just had to comment! I made this Han Solo item as well as a Chewie and a Princess Leia for my daughter's middle school Social Studies teacher. He was so excited to get them and still has them all in his classroom (she's in 10th grade now). He is the sponsor for a Sci-Fi Club and all the members are just in awe of these little guys! I've also used this pattern to construct Captain America and Scarlet Witch for him as gifts from my youngest daughter. I'll be sad when she moves up to high school as I'll have no one to make Marvel/SW items for! Thank you SO much for all your tutorials, and for keeping them available for so long!