Monday, May 30, 2011

Red Dead Redemption

So, I love Red Dead Redemption.  It is a fantastic game, and I am just now going through my second playthrough of it after putting in about 40 hours in the first playthrough.  I could ride around on my horse all day, watching the sun rise in Armadillo and watching it set over my ranch in Tall Trees.

If you have never played this game, I strongly recommend it.
 As you can see (well, maybe not from this picture but from the rest) I made little John Marston with legs, instead of the usual round base.  It's the same pattern as the all crochet Link I made, and I really like it.

John here is complete with his revolver, his rifle, an ammo belt (both across his chest and around his belt), his magical bag which can carry 30 wolf pelts in it, a lasso and a fancy belt buckle.  Oh, and a feather in his hat. 

If it looks like his eyebrows are moving, it's because they are not sewed down.  I really like them--I can't picture John without a look of worry and anger on his face--but boyfriend doesn't like them at all.  Plus, when I think of John smiling I think of how creepy Shepard is when he smiles.  I think John would look the same way if he ever tried to smile.

And here's a closeup of his face, so that you can see his scars.  I know they are kind of small and he's missing the scars over his nose and lip, but boyfriend said it would be too much to try and put them all on there.

Do I have a thing for westerns?  I dislike most western movies so much that I waited about 6 months to buy this game because I was afraid I wouldn't like the premise enough to bother playing it.  And then there's the new True Grit movie, which I absolutely loved, which comes out on DVD next week and which I will be buying on day 1.  And I also love Maverick!  And Deadwood!  (PS--The ONLY reason I saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie was because Ian McShane was in it.  The ONLY reason I liked the new Pirates movie was because Ian McShane was in it, even though I felt he could have used more screen time.  And a couple more expletives)  Maybe I will have to reconsider my stance on westerns after all.

Anyway, let me know what you think about him!  Stay tuned!


Aimee said...

He is adorable! You're right, he would look wrong smiling.

I've spent countless hours watching DH play RDR (We "play" first person games as a team - he plays, I help make decisions & solve puzzles). He still hasn't finished his first run-through. We got distracted with buying a house & all. And now we're on L.A. Noire. We'll get back to it, I'm sure. LAN has re-whetted our appetite for it.

Geek Central Station said...

Ha ha, I know exactly what you mean! My boyfriend and I do exactly the same thing, except I play and he helps. I have been disappointed in LA Noire so far, though. It only made me want to play RDR again--so that's what I've been doing!

Meepin' said...

My little sister plays this game NONSTOP and I've been trying to find SOME KIND of pattern for something from RDR that I could make her but I haven't been able to find anything except horses but she has a TON of horse stuff already and wouldn't be swooned over.... is the pattern for him for sale? Etsy? I wouldn't be able to get any of his accessories so would it be possible for you to make another one and sell it to me? I'd pay $20 and $2 shipping for him or $4 for the pattern. PLEASEEEEEEEEEE lol She would DIE.

Meepin' said...

Oh the link pattern is the same you used to make him? Oh thank goodness! If you are willing to make me one with all his acc. for $20 let me know.. I'm gonna work on this link/jm pattern and see if I can do it

maya said...

if you have a pattern for this, i cant find it, maybe im just dumb idk but if you have a link for it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give it to me >_< you have NO IDEA how much i NEED this right now, possibly the cutest thing ive seen in my life >.< thanks :)