Sunday, May 8, 2011

Link Pattern Now Available!

Alrighty everyone,

After a super long hiatus, I am back, and with a new pattern to boot! I've been in a little bit of a creative funk lately. I didn't want to make the same amigurumi's that I had been making; they took anywhere from 8-12 hours to make, and while I really like how detailed they are I wanted to make something simpler, yet still detailed. If that makes any sense.

So I made this Link! I felt that Link was one of the more difficult original amigurumis to make, mainly because of the insanely detailed sculpey work. So I wanted to make something that was crochet only--no sculpey, no sewing, no felt, just yarn--but still retain some of the really cool details.

Here you can see his sword and shield, which attach to his belt. I'm actually the most proud of his hat and hair, which I think turned out really well, although getting his legs to look right (if you remember, most of my characters don't have legs) was a challenge as well.

Anyway, the pattern is now available at my etsy shop, so pop over and have a look! Zelda is the next project I'm working on, so that Link will have a friend and after that...well, I have some vague plans after that, but I'm willing to hear suggestions! Let me know what you think about this new version of amigurumi in the comments.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you're back! This is one of my favorite blogs,and you've inspired me to make zombies, Napoleon Dynamite, and a yeti! Extremely happy you're starting again!

Geek Central Station said...

Yay! I'm glad that someone is still out there, even though I've been so neglectful here. I haven't been idle though! I would love to see some picture of the stuff you've done, they sound awesome!

Dina said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back, too! I've been working on amigurumi lately, and had TOTALLY FORGOTTEN that I should be look here for ideas and patterns!

Chris and Krysta said...

I've missed you too!! I hated seeing "Geek Central Station (0)" on my rss reader everyday. Glad to see you back :)

Anonymous said...

Acabo de descubrir tus trabajos de Zelda y me han gustado mucho, son adorables!

Los que me gustarĂ­a comprar son los primeros que hiciste, Link y Zelda T_T

amber said...

Welcome back! I was so excited when I logged in to my blog today (after my own long hiatus!) and my dashboard showed that there were new posts up at Geek Central Station!

I haven't played a Zelda game since I was 14 and owned a Super Nintendo, but it does remain one of my favorite nintendo memories. Link looks great!!!

Living by the Pen said...

Welcome back!!! I've missed you. I love Link. He is fantastic. You really do have a great eye for details.

Hemraj said...

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