Thursday, May 19, 2011

Are you still there?

I guess you can tell what game I've been playing lately, huh?  So, one of my favorite parts of Portal 1 and 2 are the turrets. Now in Portal 2, turrets have a bigger role (I won't spoil anyone who hasn't played the game yet, but if you haven't, what is wrong with you? Go play it right now!) which is awesome. And of course many other people loved the turrets as well, and wanted to immortalize this love in the form of a plushie.
But not just any plushie. No no, this plushie is interactive. It talks. It complains, wheedles and lies its adorable way into your heart. Check out the video.

Interactive Talking Plush Portal Turret from Jonathan M. Guberman on Vimeo.
Totally amazing, right? The whole electronic construction part sounds a bit out of my league, although I am quite tempted to just buy all of the parts anyway and try to make it work.
It is a little bit weird to hear the turret say "I see you" and not hear the hail of bullets follow it, but it's a minor concern. I will figure out how to make one of these one day, I swear it!

Stay tuned!
(Oh, and if you don't plan on playing Portal 2 / don't care about spoilers / want to see something awesome, check this out. It's from the end of the game. You've been warned!)

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