Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just what the Doktor ordered

Check out these amazing sculptures from Doktor A.  I love the steampunkyness to them, obviously, but I really love how unique and full of character they are. 
This is Amnesia Primm.  The name just fits her exactly, right? 
This one is Arbuthnot Wince, the Poisoner.  Just look at that little bottle of poison hidden inside his tummy.  Just look at it!  Also, how cool is Arbuthnot as a name? 

And I just love this one.  A tiny octopus riding a bigger octopus.  Awesome.  And of course he needs a little umbrella and top hat.  So cute.

If you have time you should definitely check out the links for each character, and then visit the site.  Everything is so fully imagined, and all of the characters are so fully realized, it's amazing.  If these little guys don't get their own movie some day, I am going to be extremely disappointed.  Make it happen, Hollywood!

Stay tuned!

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