Thursday, April 3, 2008


This week has been so crazy! I have been making amigurumi figures all week, non-stop. I was interviewed this week by Bonnie who runs the official Star Wars blog. So cool! You can read the interview here. My etsy shop sold out pretty quickly after that, so I've been trying to build the stock back up.

I was also interviewed by My Wooden Robot. It was so much fun to do! You can read that interview here. This interview is a little longer, mainly because I rambled on forever. I can't stop talking about these little guys. I'm so proud of them.

Darth Vader will be done tonight, hopefully I will have pictures tomorrow. And let me just say Luke is going to be awesome. I simply cannot wait to show you the surprise I have for Luke.

And so I leave you with this picture, have a nice day everyone!
Peep Wars!

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Nerd Goddess said...

That picture is sweet.

Also, please keep making them! They are adorable and sweet, and I love seeing the pictures that you post here (since they're selling like hotcakes on Etsy)