Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cooking Mama Apron

I just wanted to share with everyone this adorable cute apron that craftster user crafterbation made.
I like the little pocket on the side with blue lace around it, and it says "Don't worry, mama will fix it". Crafterbation says that the apron is constructed using double sided sticky interfacing. I like the idea of using sticky interfacing, it makes the felt look a lot cleaner than if it was stitched.
So smooth! My felt is always pockmarked because of the stitches, I might have to try this method and see if it comes out any cleaner.

Even though I didn't really care for Cooking Mama all that much, I can still appreciate the cuteness behind the sentiment of this apron. I think it's adorable! Once again, something that is useful can also be really cute and nerdy. Although I have to say that I would be very paranoid about getting this apron dirty.

I have been watching Arrested Development all day and making little dudes, so I'll have some awesome pictures to share with everyone tonight!


crafterbation said...
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crafterbation said...

Thanks for the post! I love your amigurumi work! Such an honor that you liked my apron. :)

Geek Central Station said...

No, thank you! I have already made a Futurama logo using the method that you talked about on craftster, although it is nothing as cute as your apron!