Thursday, April 10, 2008

Custom Order: Boushh

Alright, the reason it's been a little quiet in here is because we have been working like crazy on making these little dudes. Most of them are Lord of the Rings characters, but we did get to do a custom order for Boushh, the bounty hunter in "Return of the Jedi" that Princess Leia dresses up as. I thought you guys would like to see some pictures!
He he! I know she's a little funny looking, but it's mainly because of the angle. And Boushh is kind of weird looking anyway. But the helmet is completely awesome. The boy really outdid himself on it. She also has her spear and a thermal detonator.

Okay, and get this--she has a magnet in her hand, and there's a magnet in the thermal detonator, so she can actually hold it! It's not completely stable, because cooking a magnet inside of the sculpey kind of weakened the magnet a little, but it's enough to stay unless you're rough with it.
And of course, like Darth Vader her helmet comes off. I think she's pretty adorable, I was really sad to see her go away this morning. Since it was a custom order, I didn't make one for myself, and the boy says the helmet was so hard he doesn't want to make another, so I may not get one. Let me know what you guys think!

And one last artistic shot of Boushh and Chewie, reenacting a scene:

On another note, I have Zoidberg finished! I just have to make his jacket and he'll be ready. He is super cute. Maybe too cute for someone who is supposed to be a grotesque stinking lobster. But I digress. I'll post pictures when he's ready.


KnotMe said...

This is really beautiful, and all your amigurumi are charming: i like very much your love for details :)

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

That little Chewbacca is just killing me. When can we see the Zoidberg?