Saturday, April 5, 2008

Darth Vader

Alright everyone, time to unleash Vader! The Imperial March is now playing in your head.
He's pretty sculpey intensive, not so much for me to do this time. The boy did most of the work: helmet, voice box, belt details, and lightsaber. Pretty crazy, huh? Okay, and get this:
His helmet comes off! And his lightsaber can "turn off" too. The lighsaber beam is a little skewer, painted red, and it has a little hole in the lighsaber that it sits in. Isn't that so cool? Those pink things on his head are supposed to be scars, but I'm not sure they turned out exactly how I wanted them. They do look better in person though, this pic is kind of washed out.
That detail is insane. It's all painted sculpey, of course, but everything is carved, too. And they all have metal loops on the back of them, that's how they are attached to the belt. The lightsaber clips on, too, by a little earring hook.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think! I think I will have my Ackbar and Yoda pattern up for sale tomorrow, and I am working on a custom order for someone--I will post pics when it is shipped out, but it is going to be insane. Of course, another sculpey intensive project, so I have relatively little to do, but that is going to make it that more impressive. Stay tuned!


toxiferous said...

Wow, he's incredibly detailed. I love him!

Roly said...

This is amazing, God bless your imagination.

Nerd Goddess said...

Gah! So cool. Thanks for the pics!