Tuesday, April 22, 2008


And now, a grotesque stinking lobster!
I think he's very cute. When I saw this color yarn in the yarn store (Woolie Ewe! It's awesome) I knew I had to make Zoidberg. You can't really see in this picture, but he has little claws instead of normal hands. They were pretty hard to make, but I think it turned out alright.

I like his head mirror too, I think it's really cute. It can come off though, so he doesn't always look so professional (yeah right).
He got in the garbage again! Eating fish bones. Tsk tsk.

And here's the other Futurama character I made:

Everyone said his head needed to be taller, but I think he's cute like this. I like his little ears. I don't know why the color is so washed out here, but his uniform is a maroonish color.

I think this might be all of the Futurama characters I make--the rest don't turn out so well, so I think I'll just stick to these aliens. I'm working on the Firefly cast right now, and another stand-alone character from some movie (I'm not telling what movie). I'll do a teaser of him later--you'll never guess who it is this time!


amber said...

You can't hear it, but I'm actually making squealing noises out loud about the awesomeness of Zoidberg and Kiff. I love Kiff. You should consider doing an alternate pregnant Kiff. That could be fun! Maybe the forehead could be longer, like Ackbar? But I think he's recognizeably Kiff, especially with the uniform.

But back to Zoidberg. He is so adorable! At first he was my favorite character on the show, and then as I saw more episodes and more of his personality he became irritating. I think this non-speaking version of him his pefect! Great job with the mouth tentacles!

Very cool! Are you going to be posting or selling these patterns?

I sympathize with your problems making the human characters. It's those darn mouths Groening puts on them, they're hard to replicate in crochet!

Can't wait for the Firefly people!

Geek Central Station said...

Yes! I think it is the mouths--without them, the people look too funny. Without Zapp's smirk, it just isn't the same.

A pregnant Kif would be awesome! I just watched that episode yesterday...weird.


Anonymous said...

how can i get this zoidberg????
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Geek Central Station said...
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