Monday, July 11, 2011

Slave Leia Pattern

Slave Leia Pattern

Recommended yarn colors:

Beige for the skin
Gold for the gold parts
Purple for the purple cloth
Dark Brown for the bra

Follow the base amigurumi pattern. Leia's body is entirely in the beige color, so you won't have to change colors at all. 

Leia's Skirt
Leia's skirt is made up of four pieces; two gold semi-circles and two long purple "cloth" pieces.

Semi-circle: Make two
Leave a long tail at the beginning.  6 inches should be enough.
ch 2, 3 sc in 2nd chain from hook
2 sc in each st, ch 1 and turn (6 st)
(1 sc, 2sc in next st) three times, ch 1 and turn (9 st)
(2 sc, 2 sc in next st) three times, BO and leave a long tail.

Purple Cloth: Make two
ch 7, turn
6 sc, ch 1 and turn
do this for each row, for about 8 rows or until your purple cloth is even with Leia's feet.  When it is to the desired length, sc around the edges for a nice, finished feel.

Attach the purple cloth to the gold semi-circle.  Use the long gold tail you left, per the instructions above, to attach the piece.  It can look pretty messy on the backside, as long as the front looks nice it doesn't really matter.

Once you attach everything you should have two semi-circles with purple cloth attached to them.  Take these two pieces and position them on either side of Leia's body.  Now use the other long tail from the gold semi-circles to attach the pieces to each other.  As you can see from the picture, I took the tail from the first piece, looped it through the second, and then secured the whole thing with a knot in the first piece. 

Leia's bra
Leia's bra is probably one of the more difficult pieces on this amigurumi, mainly because of the embroidery required.  Use a smaller hook for the entirety of the bra.

Make a chain around the upper body.  This will be the bottom part of the bra (the underwire, if you will).  Use a slip stitch to secure the chain.

Now, chain 15.  (this will be the first strap of the bra)
sc in 2nd chain from hook
Switch to brown yarn. (this is where the cup starts)
sc in next chain, ch 1 and turn
2 sc in next st, 1 sc, ch 1 and turn
1 sc, 2 sc in next st, 1 sc, BO.  Leave a longish tail.

With the gold yarn, pick up a stitch from the beginning gold chain and chain 15 again for the other strap.  Follow the instructions above to make the next cup for the bra.

 Now take the gold yarn and grab your embroidery needle.  Basically you are trying to make a number "3" on the right cup and an inverse "3" on the left cup.  The bright turquoise lines on the picture to the left illustrate what the design should look like.  You can see from my picture above that I achieved limited success on this, but the overall effect is still okay even though it's not perfect.

Once you are done with both sides, use the long tail to attach the brown triangle to the bottom gold chain.  You can attach the bra to the body if you wish; if you made it tight enough, though, it shouldn't move too much.  I did secure mine because I made the original chain around the body too big and it kept wanting to slide down.  A few stitches should be enough to anchor it in place.

Leia's accessories
 So now the hard part is over!  All that's left now is some easy chain stitch accessories.  Use a smaller hook for these pieces except where noted.

For the arm band, chain 30-35 stitches in a smaller hook.  You want the length of chain to wrap around her arm about 3 times.  When you are finished, BO and use the long tail to attach the arm band securely to the arm.

For the choker, use a smaller hook to make a chain that fits snugly against the neck, about 22-25 stitches.  Attach with a slip stitch and switch to a bigger hook.  Make the next length of chain very loose, to simulate actual chains.  I made about 20, but you can make as few or as many as you prefer.
Leia's Hair

Follow the yarn hair tutorial.  The pieces that you are going to need are going to be pretty long; probably about 10-12 inches or so.  Don't be afraid to go really easy on the hair.  I made my Leia's hair like normal and then took out most of the hair on the backside of her head, because the braid will cover that part anyway and I didn't want it to be too bulky.  Experiment with what works best for you.

Once you have all the hair attached, gently braid it.  Attach at the bottom with a piece of gold yarn.

You're done!  Help support this pattern by making your next Amazon purchase through this link!


kraft ★ croch said...

Sexy Leia! :)

Gingerae said...

Perfect for my first Star Wars 'gumi-no color changes! I know gauge varies but how large are your figures?

Geek Central Station said...

Mine average about 7 to 7 1/2 inches tall. Good luck with yours!

Unknown said...

Love this!

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