Monday, July 4, 2011

Dress Pattern

Adding a dress to a character is very easy!  First of all, simply follow the base amigurumi instructions.  The dress will fit over the legs.  Once your ami is fully stuffed and ready to go, follow these simple steps!

Step 1: Pick up stitches

You will noticed a slight crease in your amigurumi right around the waistline from the original 30 stitches that you crocheted.  That crease is where you are going to pick up stitches for the dress.  Pick up 30 stitches and single crochet them in a row around your ami's waist.

 Note: Picking up these stitches is pretty tough.  Sometimes I switch to a slightly smaller hook for just this row so that it is a little easier.

Step 2: Single crochet 2 rows even.  Your dress will look a little funny, kind of like a little bubble dress (see below), but don't worry.  

After the 2 even rows, you are going to start increasing slightly.  Just do one increase on each side of the dress, indicated by the arrows below.  I like to increase on the sides so that the front of the dress is unobstructed.

Do this for about 3 or 4 rows; enough to get over the "thighs".  If you want a poofy dress continue to increase, but if you want a tighter dress stop increasing.  (If you want a mini dress, you can stop now!)  Continue on in even rows until the dress is the desired length.

 And you're done!


SonnyTejidos said...

thanx so so so so much :)

Theresa Lyvers said...

I'm glad I found this! Do you have a chubaka pattern? My son loves Star Wars so much he named his dog after him! Thanks!