Monday, November 10, 2008

Wow. Just wow.

Jeez. It's been a really long time since I posted anything here. I've been really unmotivated to make anything, and I've been really uninspired by the stuff I've seen on the internet. It's just a slump I'm going through, but I'm starting to get itchy fingers again. We're working on two new dudes right now, and I think you guys will just die when you see them.

One is a custom order, which I know we said we weren't doing anymore, but it was just too cool to pass up. The other one is just for us. We're almost done with both of them, and they should be finished by the end of the week. Wanna know what they are? Too bad. Here's a teaser pic, though.
Alright, the fuzzy thing is supposed to be a kitty, don't make fun of him. It's my first attempt at needle felting, and I think he turned out really great considering that a) it was my first time and b) I was pretty much terrified I was going to poke some fingers off. Anyway, he's an accessory to the little dude we're making. No, it's not Alf. The thing in the back is a blade, part 1 of 2. They're pretty giant and very cool looking.

Anyway, sorry for abandoning you guys for so long, but I'm back, I swear! Stay tuned for the finished products later on this week.

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Debbie Barr said...

Bah!!! Is it Chrono, from Chrono Trigger? Cause if it is, I'm going to die of awesome overload.