Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Pirate's Life for Me

Well, I've been working really hard on a new pattern! Introducing my new pirate pattern!

This pattern is 34 pages (yikes!) because I had to make pictures for everything. There are about 10 pictures on just how to make the gun. It's actually pretty complicated, but for those of you out there who want their own pirate I'm sure it's something you can deal with. Plus I like pictures, I think it makes it way easier to follow than written instructions.

Like my other patterns, it has a regular pattern that you use as a guideline for the fabric, and it also has a paper pattern for those people who crochet but don't sew. It's just felt sewing though, it's pretty easy to work with, so I suggest that anyone who is apprehensive about sewing try it out with felt because it's very nice to work with.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, the pirate pattern is up for sale at my etsy shop! I hope you guys like, it took a lot of time to write and is kind of like a small book. Stay tuned for more patterns coming up soon! I think my next pattern might be a space princess/space rebel pattern, but I'm not sure yet. Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

That is phenomenal! Thanks so much for writing it and putting it up for sale.

Unknown said...

Nice! I bet all the pirate fans are going to go crazy!!

Anonymous said...

This looks awesome! Very complicated and beyond my very bad skills, but very cool! I'd like to post a picture with a link to your etsy shop on my blog if that's alright?

admin (at)

Geek Central Station said...

Yeah sure! And the pattern isn't really as hard as it looks, I tried to include so many pictures to make it easy!