Friday, June 5, 2009

Still Alive

Hello everyone! I'm not dead, I've just been very lazy. Bad me! I haven't updated in a long time I know, and I'm really sorry. I wish I could blame it on work or something, but it's not that. We're just really tired of making our little dudes. I know, I know, it's depressing. And there are still so many characters we want to make, it's just...they are very hard to make and each new character can take upwards of 10 hours of work. And everyone keeps asking for the same characters over and over, and it's just getting exhausting. Not a sustainable business model, I guess, though people seem to like the patterns. And lately there has been no new crafty goodness that really makes me excited, and so the blog has been neglected.

But don't worry! I won't let the blog waste away. I just have to try harder to find the cool new stuff that I know is out there, somewhere. I have been working on a new project of my own, an embroidery project, but it is going to take a long, long time to finish. My boyfriend estimates five years, but he is probably factoring in my admittedly short attention span. So far I am loving embroidery though! It's based on a picture I found on the internet from my favorite game, Okami. Once again I'm going to urge anyone who hasn't played it to GO GET IT. Seriously. It's for the PS2, which is super cheap now, and it will provide you with at least 50 hours of the most fun gameplay you've ever had. And it's beautiful! Which is why I wanted to do an embroidery project based on it. But I'll post pictures of it soon, in its half completed state.

But for now, enjoy some really cool Star Wars embroidery! Here's a great one for Father's day--you can get more info on it here.

And this one...I haven't posted this one before, but I've known about it for a while. It disturbs me, but I thought I would post it here and let you guys make a decision about it. I want to like it, I think the concept is really funny, but...I don't know, the sexy stormtrooper really freaks me out. The flickr page is here.
Yeah, I don't know what's up with the head in the crook of the arm either. Anyway, you guys should really stay tuned. I'm making it my mission to be better about posting, I promise! And I'll be posting pictures of my new project soon--stage 1 (of like, maybe 20 stages) is almost done! Stay tuned!!

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