Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cute Little Monster

Alrighty, for something a little different I thought I would share these little guys. They aren't related to any fandom or anything like that but I think they are super cute and really creative. Made by this very talented lady, it looks like these portal monsters are just the beginning of a series of portal monsters. I can't wait to see what the rest of them look like!

This little monster is my favorite. He is depicting wonder/curiosity. I just love the way she used the embroidery hoop as a portal! And I love the little ripples on the felt where he is popping up. Oh yeah, and I love how he is stabilizing himself with his other hand as he is pulling himself out. All in all, I think the whole thing is brilliant! He is too cute.
I like this one because it shows her crochet work. Most of the other stuff she does is plush (probably felt?) but her little crochet creatures are adorable too. I think this one is a cow/cat hybrid. I like the horns!
This one is called "Believe" and depicts the emotion of hope. I love the gesture! I'm pretty sure that the fingers (and arms?) are made out of pipe cleaners. I love the dangling green pieces.

And here is a new monster--yet to be named, I believe--and the wonder/curiosity monster from earlier. They are friends! Too cute. It looks like the new creature is ripping out of his portal, instead of pushing out like the other one.

Anyway, I thought these were adorable. I never thought of using an embroidery hoop like this, but I think that it is a great new way to look at them. I can't wait to see what new monsters this artist makes! If anyone is interested in anything she sells she does have an etsy store--I thought the birdies were especially cute, but not necessarily geeky. It's worth taking a look, though. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy! Stay tuned!


Jelibe said...

Gosh! they are so cool. I've never seen anything like these. I think my fav is the "believe" piece. Truly lovely.

teerose said...

just discovered your site. I love it. Just started making little characters since I retired. would love to have your star wars patterns. are they for sale. let me know. I am going to make the hobbit or my grandson. He likes all the things you do (to read, etc) he is Jr. in high school. read the count of monte cristo last year (excuse spelling).
will keep eye onyour blog.